A Talking Fish

The fish in the video was controlled by a partially bread-boarded prototype of the FISH Dialogue board shown below:

CNC Laser PCB Manufacture

Around 2017 I was trying to set up some way of rapidly producing printed circuit boards. For many years prior to that I only had access to perf-board and etchable two sided boards. I imagine some reasonable services were already available at that time, but I hadn't heard of them.

The three methods I had devised were:

The laser engraver I have been using is an Eleksmaker EleksLaser A3. It is really not much more than a two-axis rep-rap style CNC machine. It has an Arduino Nano clone with GRBL driving two A4988 stepper motor drivers, and uses a 405nm 2.5w laser.

Pumpkin Spectrometry

Still working out some bugs

The source for the Atmel ATMega328p can be found (here) written in C and can be compiled with avr-gcc.

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