I have a small collection of vehicles; all of which were at least twice as old as I was when purchased. Regardless, they seem to hold up quite well.

CL-125 1974 Honda Scrambler

When on-road off-road bikes had chrome

I bought this scrambler not too long after my 16th birthday for $600. It only had 6,000 miles on it at that point, although it was somewhat neglected. I recall the cam-chain was quite loud when I rode it for the first time. The front fork rubbers had rotted away and old cut up inner tubes were tied in place over the severely rusted fork tubes.

I think it only took a few days to clean up, and maybe a couple hundred dollars. So for a tenth of the price of a new motorcycle, I got something that actually has character. Not too bad of a deal, I think.

The winter of 2017-18 involved a few more notable repairs. The aftermarket gasket at the base of the cylinder essentially rotted away, causing the head gasket to blow out as the cylinder ever-so-slightly moved downward.

On a positive note, it gave me an excuse to poke around and see how much wear had occurred throughout the engine. Even after 10,000 miles it looks like it could ride on forever.

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